With MascotOne, the process for setting, communicating and monitoring your goals and results is simple. You can instantly connect your team with their objectives. When an individual knows what’s expected of them, on a public platform, the team is motivated to achieve their goals without the worry of a miscommunicated directive.

“A successful business is often determined by its method of communication.”

MascotOne at a glance


Upload-able PDF, word and excel docs. Digital boot file content. Sound-bite and voiceover.

Training and Surveys

Team and customer responsive survey & reports. Training videos with survey intervals.

Press Release

Targeted news and content feeds, integrated into social media platforms.


Webinar, video, radio and podcast streaming with realtime feedback function.


Sells products or services and works on an E-commerce based system.


Static and responsive newsletters and press-releases.


Sync with phone calendar & receive push notifications.


Websites and Social Media integration.

Value Added Services to boost your app further

• Home Afairs ID verification
• Bulk email service
• Email campaign management
• SMS campaign management
• Bulk SMS services
• Online payment service
• 30”, 46” or 60” videos
• 2D character
• Character animation max 15 seconds
• Voice over artist
• Streaming system set-up on shared
server or if preferred, a stand alone server
• Press release
• HTML newsletter
• Banner

• Emailer
• Social media set-up
• OKR (Objectives and key results) template
• Planograms
• Product and/or customer profile template
• Basic CI guide
• Full CI guide
• Logo development
• Letterhead
• Email signature
• Online store set-up small (up to 10 products)
• Online store set-up small (up to 20 products)
• Online store set-up small (up to 50 products)
• Online store set-up small (up to 100 products)

MascotOne CRM

MascotOne CRM Rapid enables customer management and unique profiling from a single location, logging responses and tracking behaviour in real-time. This data is crucial to forming a better understanding of your clientele, serving their ultimate needs, and in turn increasing operational performance.



This is where the text for your Feature Box should go. Comprehensive customer engagement and relationship management database.

Campaign Management

Set up specific SMS and/or Email campaigns, to target an intended eCRM profile with a comprehensive offering.

Automatic filtering

By applying strategic business rules, campaign responses can be filtered accordingly, meaning your valuable company resources can focus only on specific deliverables.


With each successful response and delivery, the eCRM database updates the specific customer profile, enabling you to build a better understanding of his/her needs and requirements.

Lead Management

By tracking and auditing each delivery process, the business becomes more efficient in fulfilling customer needs.


MascotOne Rapid works with the MascotOne Communication platform.



The MascotOne Rapid CRM Platform is fully customisable, and can be configured to fit specific company requirement and business needs.