Get Started

MascotOne, the sophisticated digital platform for smart, smooth business communication, is here. If you’re interested in connecting all the vital elements of business in one sleek, simple to use app, simply follow the steps below and let’s get started!

STEP 1- Select Your Package, Platform & Plugins


Choose between our Classic, Premium or Bespoke packages, depending on your budget or business needs.


Select the MascotOne communication platform with, or without the MascotOne Rapid CRM system.


-Targeted push notifications to selected users
-Custom user profiles and view parameters
-Social integration
-Press releases
-Newsletters with a blog feed-back function
-Training video platform
-Streaming portal
-Online store
-Custom content library
-Additional links
-Integrated calendar
-Radio/sound bite portal
-POD cast and video portal

STEP 2: Back-End App Development

Determining the specific systems and back-end functionality that will suit your business requirements within the app framework.

Using your corporate identity (CI) or logo, we will present skin (design) options and possible app layout, according to your selected plugins.

Design approval, sign-off before we create the test App.

STEP 3: Content Strategy

Face-to-face meetings with department heads to determine the key objectives and content requirements.

A content roll-out strategy and costing will be drafted, aligned with our value-added services.

Approval and sign-off will prompt these elements to be designed/loaded onto your App and Web platform. 

Security parameters will be set (login/sign-up parameters).

SLA (Service level agreement) will be approved and signed. 

STEP 4: Support & Training

Once the APK and content strategy has been approved, your personalised app will be published on Google play and the iStore, ready for use.

Dates for training, setting Admin permissions and CMS (content managed system) App support will be arranged.

Department heads or teams that undergo training will each receive a certificate as an accredited system administrator of the MascotOne communication platform.